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Kristin Ruzicka: Experimental Rain Garden Design

Kristin is currently an intern for the US Department of Energy.

Katrese Kolb: Climate Change, River Flooding and Biodiversity

Katrese is entering her senior year.

Abbey Johnson: Ecological Relationships Between Ginger Root and Potential Soil Pathogens

Abbey is currently applying for medical school.

Deepa Bhuvanagiri & Sara McCauley: The Physics of Bird Flight

Deepa and Sara were Rockwood High School students getting a jumpstart on their college careers.

Aileen Wolk, Madeline Scrivner & Niraja Bolagani: Evolutionary Ecology of Capsaicin

Aileen currently works for the Danforth Plant Science Center and Maddie and Niraja are in graduate Physical Therapy programs.

Sandra Van Berkel: Genetic Assessment of White Nose Syndrome Causing Fungus in Missouri & Illinois Caves

Sandy currently co-owns and operates her own sustainable windmill company.

Samantha Hartnett: Genetic  Assessment of the Hybrid Zone between Black-capped and Carolina Chickadees

Sam is currently in medical school.

Megan Graves: Microbial Ecology of Capsaicin

Megan is currently an Industrial Microbiologist in California.

Joseph Hoffmann: Prevalence and Fitness Consequences of Bacillus feather parasites on songbirds

Joe is currently working on his PhD at Tulane University

Tiffany Dang & Heather Sprengel: Capsaicin as a Deterrent to Songbird Nest Depredation

Tiffany is an Industrial Chemist in St. Louis

Heather is a Clinical Research Coordinator 

Robert Duncan: Population Genetics in Central U.S. Coyote Populations

Rob is currently in Optometry School

Nick Kreutz: Predator Induced Phenotypic Plasticity in Spring Peepers

Nick is currently a Recruiter for Apex Life Sciences

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